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A is for ART

A is for Artchitecture

Terry Johnson Artchitecture is the point where art meets the built environment. Art and Architecture, in their innumerable forms, can challenge and shape the environment in which we live, work and play.

Businesses and industry are learning to appreciate the role that art can play. More and more art is becoming an integral part of buildings and interiors and not just something on a wall. It can make areas more personal and staff can feel motivated by it. It can project an image, create a talking point and it can reflect a commitment to staff and to customers.

Through liaison with known and new artists and curatorial professionals, ARTchitecture can be the catalyst for successful collaboration between art and architecture.

Artchitecturecan advise from the outset on the choice of medium, size, artist and specifically on commissioned pieces. It might be a painting, sculpture, textiles, ceramics, typography, lettering, calligraphy (the last two being of particular personal interest and specialities of mine). I also carry out commissioned art work so I can advise at each end of the spectrum.

Your art specifications can be met with solutions you might not have expected or considered and this service can be provided at the very early stages of a project so that all disciplines are integrated into a "harmonious whole".

Good design visually enhances an environment, be it large or small, for living or working and ART itself can play a significant role in giving both a cultural and purely enjoyable experience.

Art CAN make a difference.

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Terry Johnson Calligraphy Terry Johnson Calligraphy Terry Johnson Calligraphy Terry Johnson Calligraphy