Terry Johnson ARTchitecture
Architect and Calligrapher


I am now retired from my architectural career. I am a Fellow of the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society. I carry out many varied calligraphy and lettering commissions and also teach classes and workshops.

I have also, over a period of time, been collecting material under the broad heading of "Letters on Architecture" to promote lettering to members of my own profession and those interested in the lettering arts. This collecting of material has brought me into contact with some of the country's leading crafts people, photographers and architects, including some of international repute.

I enjoy free hand drawing and sketching and I have always supported the "Campaign for Drawing", established in 2000 to celebrate Ruskin's centenary by promoting his belief that drawing is a key to understanding and knowledge. The aim of the Campaign is to raise the profile of drawing, to show how it can play a bigger part in everyone's lives and to change the way that drawing is perceived by the public. See reference to the article published in FX magazine about freehand drawing.

With this architectural and arts background, I welcome any proposal to link these purposes of my life.

Terry with Anthony Gormley Statue